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236 substances shortlisted for possible regulatory action

23 January 2018

ECHA has selected 236 substances for further scrutiny by the Member State competent authorities in its annual screening exercise. The competent authorities will carry out a manual...

Return to work after cancer: what does science say?

23 November 2017

Around 1.6 million people of working age are diagnosed with cancer in Europe each year. Thanks to medical advancements, the number of cancer survivors is rising and...

One new substance added to the Candidate List, several entries updated

1 September 2017

ECHA has added the substance PFHxS to the Candidate List. Entries for bisphenol A and four phthalates have been updated to include endocrine-disrupting properties for human health....

Inspectie SZW: Vervanging CMR-stoffen On the road to zero

21 August 2017

Nog altijd komen honderdduizenden werknemers dagelijks in aanraking met schadelijke, soms zelfs kankerverwekkende stoffen. Daar wil de Inspectie SZW verandering in brengen. Met onze ‘road to zero’...

12 new substances added to the Authorisation List

19 June 2017

12 new substances now need authorisation to be used after the sunset date. The Authorisation List now contains 43 substances.


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