Toxic®: keeping you safe at work

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Exclude all risks with Toxic.

Toxic is a unique online solution on the European market. Toxic helps you with the registration of chemical substances and communicating with your employees on (working with) chemical products.

Enabling you to focus on what is truly important: the control of chemical risks.

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Overview of facts concerning carcinogens

Carcinogens are substances that may cause cancer. There are several forms of carcinogens, for example chemical carcinogens, such as certain types of pesticides and industrial paint. These...

Candidate List updated with eight hazardous chemicals



Helsinki, 8 July 2021

EU considers plan to tightly regulate 1,4-dioxane

The European Union is weighing a proposal to put 1,4-dioxane on the path toward strict regulation. The substance, a common laboratory reagent, is sometimes used to purify...

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Nieuws over veilig werken met gevaarlijke stoffen