Toxic®: keeping you safe at work

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Exclude all risks with Toxic.

Toxic is a unique online solution on the European market. Toxic helps you with the registration of chemical substances and communicating with your employees on (working with) chemical products.

Enabling you to focus on what is truly important: the control of chemical risks.


Latest news

‘Nooit de bezem gebruiken’

Mensen die op een veilige manier met gevaarlijke stoffen werken en daarmee een voorbeeld zijn voor anderen, worden benoemd tot veiligheidsheld en in het zonnetje gezet. Priscilla...

Veilig werken met Chroom-6 met het informatieblad voor installatiebranche

Dit informatieblad is bedoeld voor iedereen die, in de installatie- en isolatie branche, op het werk met chroom-6 te maken krijgt. Chroom-6 is een gevaarlijke stof, die...

Szw: Meeste klachten van werknemers in 2019 over inrichting arbeidsplaats en gevaarlijke stoffen

In 2019 ontving de Inspectie SZW in totaal 2.976 klachten of signalen over overtredingen op het gebied van arbeidsomstandigheden

Wij zijn uw partner bij veilig werken met chemische producten:Toxic Backoffice

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Work safely with Toxic

Did you know that:

  • 80% of businesses do not know which chemical products they use?
  • occupational accidents claim twice as many victims as traffic?
  • 51% of companies don't know how to act in case of a disaster?
  • a sound administration of chemical products is obliged?
  • the government actively checks this?  

 Toxic provides the solution!

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Facts & figures


With 30,000 Safety Data Sheets (SDS), the Toxic database is highly extensive. Each month, hundreds of SDS and workplace instruction cards are added and updated.


Toxic is active in three countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. SDS are tested against national and European legislation.


700 companies have already registered. Our clients are active in a number of sectors, including healthcare, the foodstuffs industry, government and manufacturing.

Why use Toxic?

Complete database

Toxic gives you insight into the specific risks of all your chemical products.

Time savings

Toxic helps you with your compulsory registration of products, keeps it up to date and in accordance with current legislation.

Full support

Toxic provides training courses and handy webinars. The Toxic experts are available to provide extensive advice.

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Nieuws over veilig werken met gevaarlijke stoffen