Toxic®: keeping you safe at work

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Full service

We are pleased to introduce our Full Service Concept. This is intended for safety professionals who want to make a difference for their organisation and employees.

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Our Full Service Concept consists of three pillars.

1. Toxic Training

This can take various forms: an expert training CCSE for safety professionals, a general risk inventory training for management or practical 'on the job' training for the work floor.  The information and knowledge provided during the CCSE training will help you to recognise the risks that arise when using chemicals products within your own work environment. You will also acquire the necessary expertise to respond appropriately to risks and disasters.

2. Toxic Advice

You can call upon the Toxic advisers, whether it concerns the performance of a substance or risk inventory order, e.g., Personal Air Sampling measurements in your company to determine the exposure levels. We are always available. We can also help you enter substances/products in Toxic.

Other matters that we can arrange for you:

  1. PAS measurements
  2. SDS make products
  3. Substance inventory and ready to use delivery of your Toxic database.
  4. d. PID measurements for VOC substances.
  5. Control Banding
  6. Dust Track measurements for aerosol/respirable substances.
  7. Support during Risk Inventories.

3. Webinars

Although Toxic is exceptionally user-friendly, we regularly organise webinars for our users. During these webinars, we devote more in-depth attention to specific functions and how you can make optimal use of Toxic.