Toxic®: keeping you safe at work

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Exclude all risks with Toxic.

Toxic is a unique online solution on the European market. Toxic helps you with the registration of chemical substances and communicating with your employees on (working with) chemical products.

Enabling you to focus on what is truly important: the control of chemical risks.

Why use Toxic?

Complete database

Toxic gives you insight into the specific risks of all your chemical products.

Time savings

Toxic helps you with your compulsory registration of products, keeps it up to date and in accordance with current legislation.

Full support

Toxic provides training courses and handy webinars. The Toxic experts are available to provide extensive advice.

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Facts & figures


With 30,000 Safety Data Sheets (SDS), the Toxic database is highly extensive. Each month, hundreds of SDS and workplace instruction cards are added and updated.


Toxic is active in three countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. SDS are tested against national and European legislation.


700 companies have already registered. Our clients are active in a number of sectors, including healthcare, the foodstuffs industry, government and manufacturing.

Latest news

Aanbieding Werkwijzer Arbobeleidscyclus Gevaarlijke Stoffen

Conform de toezegging uit de voortgangsbrief gevaarlijke stoffen van 18 juni 2019 bied ik uw Kamer hierbij de Werkwijzer Arbobeleidscyclus Gevaarlijke Stoffen aan. Deze werkwijzer biedt betrokkenen...

TNO's Toekomstvisie op Arbeidsomstandigheden

Welke uitdagingen staan ons de komende twintig jaar te wachten als het gaat om ons werk en onze arbeidsomstandigheden? Het ministerie van SZW heeft TNO als belangrijke...

KVK: Website over Werken met gevaarlijke stoffen

KVK heeft ook een site gemaakt over werken met gevaarlijke stoffen. Dit in het kader van 'Antwoord voor Bedrijven'.

Bekijk de site 

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How to make a workplace instruction card

Making a workplace instruction card using a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requires specialised knowledge. Toxic can help you with the whitepaper 'How to make a workplace instruction card?'.

Just enter your name and email address and download the free whitepaper.