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Roadmap on Carcinogens - New Strategy 2020-2024

13 October 2021
The Roadmap is on the move - with concrete challenges to accelerate implementation and boost impact.

Guidelines for assessing the confidentiality of the information contained in the Competent Assessment Report (CAR) and Product Assessment Report (PAR)

5 October 2021

If you are preparing applications under #biocides regulation, take a look at our new guidelines related to confidentiality claims. These guidelines are based on experience gained so...

Strukton aansprakelijk gesteld voor stoflongen spoorwerker

4 October 2021

Spoorbouwer Strukton is door letselschadeadvocaat Edgar Mulders aansprakelijk gesteld voor de ziekte van voormalig spoorwerker Marco Werff uit Lith. Volgens de advocaat heeft de ex-Struktonwerknemer stoflongen gekregen...

Occupational exposure to wood dust. A systematic review of the literature

1 October 2021

Employees can be exposed to wood dust while performing woodworking processes such as sawing and sanding. Such exposure is known to be associated with health problems. RIVM...

Substitution of dangerous substances in workplaces A training course for OSH practitioners

29 September 2021
This training material provides participants with basic concepts and tools of substitution of hazardous substances in workplaces.