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Overview of facts concerning carcinogens

21 July 2021

Carcinogens are substances that may cause cancer. There are several forms of carcinogens, for example chemical carcinogens, such as certain types of pesticides and industrial paint. These...

Candidate List updated with eight hazardous chemicals

8 July 2021



Helsinki, 8 July 2021

EU considers plan to tightly regulate 1,4-dioxane

1 April 2021

The European Union is weighing a proposal to put 1,4-dioxane on the path toward strict regulation. The substance, a common laboratory reagent, is sometimes used to purify...

Costs and benefits of REACH restrictions proposed between 2016-2020

22 February 2021

Restrictions under REACH, protect human health and the environment from unacceptable risks posed by chemicals. They can limit the manufacturing and use of chemicals or impose a...

Nieuwe Release Toxic (Safety Solutions)

2 February 2021

Vanavond 2 februari 2021 wordt er een nieuwe release van Toxic (Safety Solution) live gezet. Dit gebeurt rond 20.00 uur. Daarom is het huidige Toxic platform vanavond...