Toxic®: keeping you safe at work

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What is Toxic?

Toxic is a unique online solution on the European market. With this database, your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are kept up to date and your products are automatically tested for CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic). You can simply print out workplace instruction cards and your chemical administration is always in order With Toxic, you are guaranteed to comply with current Occupational Health & Safety requirements!

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Work safely with Toxic

Did you know that:

  • 80% of businesses do not know which chemical products they use?
  • occupational accidents claim twice as many victims as traffic?
  • 51% of companies don't know how to act in case of a disaster?
  • a sound administration of chemical products is obliged?
  • the government actively checks this?  

 Toxic provides the solution!

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Guaranteed compliancy thanks to Toxic

Do you work with chemical substances? Then you have to comply with a large number of rules and regulations. What these are, however, is not always clear. After all, you I expected to not only comply with European legislation, but also national laws.

That can occasionally lead to confusion, as both systems are not always synchronised. For example, the REACH legislation (the European directive on the production of and trade in chemical substances) excludes certain chemical substances from certain obligations. Dutch law, on the other hand, stipulates otherwise. Fact is that the Working Conditions Decree (Arbobesluit) determines that all chemical substances must be qualified as hazardous or toxic.

Toxic takes that into account. Our online database is specially adjusted to your company, the countries in which you are active and the chemical substances that you use. And we ensure that the database will always be up to date. This will give you the peace of mind that you always comply with the latest laws and regulations, and rules out unpleasant surprises.